• Image of Swashbuckler Kit

The Swashbuckler is a miniature synthesizer with a bad attitude!

It comes as a complete kit, all you need is a soldering iron, solder and a pair of miniature wire clippers to put it together, and a 9V battery (A 9V battery will last for hours and hours!!).

The project is super easy to build, there is a tutorial full of pictures to download or view online here - even beginners can build this noisy instrument, it would make a great first project!

The Swashbuckler features four square waves that are controlled by binary logic, each oscillator has its own frequency control and the instrument will react to light and touch! There are also controls for volume and chaos!

The project has a headphones output and you can plug a set of headphones in directly, or connect with a headphones jack to a mixer or amplifier.


You can download the Swashbuckler Build Manual or view it in a webpage from this page: --Swashbuckler Page--